Sightings of shapeshifting dissolved into darkness. A final opinion is of less value than an appreciation of, and tolerance for obscurity.

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Hallo. I just went on your blog and saw you call yourself a therioshaman. What is that? :o

Its a type of neoshamanism (unassociated with any cultural identity) that focuses on the use of shapeshifting rituals that are drawn from within to personify parts of soul that cannot be expressed otherwise.

In  some cases it is seen as the refinement of individuals who call themselves ‘therianthropes’ to gain better control and understanding of their therioside.

In other cases it serves a more metaphorical purpose to align with the images of the personal totem pole proposed by Eligio Stephen Gallegos, which in most cases combines animalistic identities to each of the chakra centers. 

The idea of therioshamanism was first proposed by Lupa Greenwolf, and after reading up on her process it really inspired me to do something similar.

An important difference in the shapeshifting of a therioshaman and other practices, is that commonly the act of shapeshifting is brought about with the invocation of a totem. With therioshamanism there is no external source or spirits; you draw entirely from the powers within, and then project them through ritual in the form of that animal.

Because it takes on such a spiritual internalized dimension the therioshamanism does not necessarily have to identify with an earthly animal either. Fantastic and mythical creatures work just as well. One of my favorite forms to use is of the ‘Finfolk’, though the forms that are most frequent for me include the American Goldfinch and the Juniper Tree. 

This in mind therioshamanism plays well with otherkin and therians in general, but by no means is this a requirement for the practice. I identify as neither kin nor therian; and prefer to keep my rituals well grounded and centered in who I am, so my forms have more metaphorical significance (to me at least). 

I hope this shed a little bit of light on the practice for you. Not many folks utilize the concept, but I’ve found it to be a central part of my own practice over the years that is without substitute. Let me know if you have any more questions, I’m more than happy to answer. :)

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Attractive men yes that’s one thing but attractive men with occult powers is quite another.

trashy magicians

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i would like to thank god for ben whishaw’s dumb hair

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Deep conversation and great sex is a requirement.

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asperatus cloud x


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If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse



If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, unleash your poison breath and razor claws.

If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, your name is a promise of a fell fate for all your enemies.

If you are a monster, by choice or birth or curse, you will survive the ice, you will build the fire, your wounds will heal, your muscles will grow, your plans will tighten, and you will thrive.

This world is made for monsters.

The Monster Talk


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graduated cylinder

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Speed painting from the spring. Tried drawing today, but my upcoming future keeps smacking me in the face. Gonna be gone most of the weekend, though I’ll try to get some scans in before I leave. :)

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